Global Programs

Our multinational and global insurance programs cover a broad spectrum of risks ranging from liability, property, business interruption, marine cargo to engineering and across every industry.


Managing international risks is a key feature of our insurance solutions. Our Multinational and Global Accounts department has been structured specifically to provide local and international corporate clients with local insurance coverage.

Clients requesting coverage of their worldwide exposure to risk are generally provided with one of the following two solutions: multinational insurers will either deliver standalone local policies with the relevant local coverage limits or will opt for the more traditional method of using a ‘Master Policy’ for the parent company with locally admitted policies for the parent’s foreign subsidiaries or affiliates. The former solution offers harmonised and certain cover across the client’s worldwide risk portfolio.

We meet all clients’ needs and expectations by delivering a tailored solution, which is certain to match local legislative requirements and risks. Clients are assured of portfolio transparency, local regulatory and legislative compliance, and service excellence from multilingual professionals.



Speed, efficiency, excellence, experience and flexibility are central to our approach, in line with our company’s servicing philosophy “Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”.



A London-based team, supported by our Johannesburg office and the in-country Mozambique office. The team is led by Kay Wilkinson who is one of the most experienced providers of multi national covers across Africa. Kay and her team have an in-depth knowledge of each African insurance market, excellent service skills, with an outstanding record of maintaining long-term client and partner relationships.fullrow