Non-Executive Chairman

1958   Hosken Insurance Brokers
1963   General Manager of IGI Insurance Company SA, subsequently CEO and then Chairman
1972   Formed IGI Insurance Namibia
1973   Chairman of Hosken Consolidated Investments listed on Johannesburg Stock Exchange
1974   Formed IGI Insurance Botswana
1974   Founded Investec Bank and acted as Chairman for 6 years and Director for 20 years
1975   Formed IGI Insurance Zimbabwe
1980   Listed Safrican Life Insurance Company on Johannesburg Stock Exchange
1986   Chairman of South African Insurance Association
1990   Formed IGI Insurance Lesotho
1990   Listed Amnity International on Luxembourg Stock Exchange
1992   Formed CGSM Mozambique Insurance Company
2001   Appointed Non-executive Chairman of Global Alliance Group
2005   Appointed Non-Executive Chairman of GA Angola Seguros
2005   Appointed Non-Executive Chairman of Global Alliance Ghana
2013   Appointed Non-Executive Chairman of ICE Insurance

1990   Irish and Company Stock Brokers
1994   Member of Johannesburg Stock Exchange and partner of Irish Menell Rosenberg stockbrokers
1999   Founded U-Trade Securities, South Africa’s first online Stock Broker
2001   U-Trade merges with Appleton Group forming South Africa’s largest private client Stock Broker
2001   Purchases Companhia Geral de Seguros de Moçambique (CGSM)
2001   Merges with Baronscourt to form Global Alliance Group
2003   Establishes GA Angola Seguros which grew into Angola’s largest private insurer
2003   CEO of GA Angola Seguros
2005   Licensed Global Alliance Insurance Company Ghana
2014   Global Alliance Insurance is renamed ICE Insurance (International, Commercial & Engineering)
2015   Founded ICE Insurance/Seguros Mozambique


Non-Executive Director

1990   Junior Financial Analyst Bank of Mozambique
1992   Degree in international Relations Higher Institute of International Relations Maputo
1993   Postgraduate Diploma Finance and Development University of Birmingham, UK
1994   Master of Finance and Development University of Birmingham United Kingdom
1995   Financial Anaylst Mozambique Railways
1997   Economic Assistant to the South African High Commision in Maputo
1997   Senior Counsel Project Implimentation of Mozambique Stock Exchange
1999   Director of Market Operations and Finance Mozambique Stock Exchange
2005   Non Executive Director Global Alliance Insurance Company
2007   Non Executive Director Microbank NGR –SA
2007   Executive Director Mozambique Stock Exchange
2015   Non Executive Director International Commecial and Engineering (ICE) Seguros

2012  Accounting Assistant at CONTEC – Consultores e Técnicos Associados, Lda
2014  Accounting Technician at CONTEC – Consultores e Técnicos Associados, Lda
2015  Credit Control and Claims Technician at ICE Seguros SA
2017  Underwriting Administration Supervisor at ICE Seguros SA
2018  Finance Assistant at ICE Seguros SA
2019  Finance Manager at ICE Seguros SA